Fence Staining

As a well-established company in the area, we've earned a reputation for delivering reliable, superior service to both residential and commercial clients. Our team of experts specializes in providing the highest level of care, whether you're seeking preventative maintenance for your fences or needing to rectify existing issues that can plague your property over time. Fence staining is not merely a visual enhancement. It's a crucial element in maintaining the longevity and durability of your wooden fences. Get in touch with us today and let us rejuvenate your fences with our superior staining services.


Garage Staining

Our team at Texas Tuff Stain and Seal takes pride in delivering high-quality staining services. We utilize premium staining products to provide a finish that is both visually appealing and long-lasting. Our process involves a meticulous preparation phase to ensure the surface is clean and ready for staining. After applying the stain, we seal the floor to enhance its durability and longevity. In addition to quality services, we believe in delivering an exceptional customer experience. Our team of professionals will work closely with you throughout the project, keeping you informed at each step and ensuring your needs are met to your utmost satisfaction.


Pergola Staining

Welcome to Texas Tuff Stain and Seal, the trusted provider of superior pergola staining services in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX communities. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, our team understands the unique need of preserving the beauty and integrity of your pergola while enhancing its resilience against weather elements. A pergola is more than an aesthetic addition to your property; it's a space for relaxation and entertainment. A well-maintained, beautifully stained pergola not only enhances your outdoor living area but also increases your property's overall value.


Gazebo Staining

A gazebo is a significant investment that adds a beautiful and functional outdoor space to your property. To maintain its appeal and protect it from the elements, gazebo staining is essential. Our staining service not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also provides a barrier against sun damage, moisture, and the wear and tear of daily use. At Texas Tuff Stain and Seal, we utilize premium, long-lasting stains that penetrate deep into the wood for maximum protection while enhancing its grain and color.


Deck Staining

A deck serves as an extended living space, a place for relaxation, and a showcase for entertaining. However, constant exposure to the Texas sun, rain, and other harsh weather conditions can take a toll on your deck, causing it to fade, warp, and degrade. Our deck staining service provides a robust protective layer that not only revitalizes its appearance but also defends it against weather-induced damage. At Texas Tuff Stain and Seal, we use premium-quality stains that offer vibrant, durable color and deep penetration into the wood, providing optimal protection.

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Wooden Stairs Staining

Wooden stairs, whether they lead to your front door or connect different levels of your deck, are not only functional but can also contribute to your property's overall appeal. However, over time, these stairs can suffer from wear and tear, sun exposure, and other weather-related damage. This is where our expert staining services come in. We provide a protective layer that safeguards your stairs against these elements while significantly enhancing their beauty. At Texas Tuff Stain and Seal, we utilize top-quality stains that penetrate deep into the wood, preserving its natural grain while offering robust protection.


Wood Balcony Staining

A wood balcony can add beauty, functionality, and value to your property. However, being constantly exposed to the elements can take a toll on the wood, leading to fading, warping, and potential damage. This is where our expert staining services come in. By staining your wood balcony, we provide a protective shield against the Texas sun, wind, and rain, and refresh its appearance, extending its lifespan. At Texas Tuff Stain and Seal, we use top-of-the-line staining products that offer rich, durable color and deep wood penetration for optimal protection.


Wooden Shutters Staining

Serving both residential and commercial clients, our professional team is committed to reviving the look of your wooden shutters while providing them with the necessary protection to prolong their life. Wooden shutters provide a timeless aesthetic and privacy to your property, but being exposed to harsh weather conditions and daily wear can affect their appearance and functionality. With our staining services, we rejuvenate your shutters' look while also providing a protective layer against the elements.


Power/Pressure Washing Services

Our professional team begins each power/pressure washing project by assessing the specific cleaning needs of your property. We then apply the right pressure, techniques, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to eliminate dirt and grime without causing harm to your property or the environment. Throughout the process, we prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain clear communication to ensure our services meet your expectations and needs. Our mission is to provide you with a seamless, hassle-free power/pressure washing experience that leaves your property looking its best.

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Custom Staining Services

Custom staining is a specialized service that goes beyond standard staining. It's about creating a unique look tailored to your specific tastes and requirements, whether you're aiming for a rustic charm, a sleek modern look, or anything in between. Our team uses premium stains to provide a finish that not only protects your wood features from the elements but also accentuates their natural beauty. At Texas Tuff Stain and Seal, we use only the highest quality stains that offer durable color and deep wood penetration for the best protection.

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Professional Spray Staining Services

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we work hand in hand with you from start to finish. We listen to your needs and ideas, providing expert guidance to ensure the final result matches your vision and surpasses your expectations. If you're looking for professional spray staining services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact Texas Tuff Stain and Seal today. Let our skilled team give your wood features the care and attention they deserve, ensuring a spectacular finish that not only looks impressive but also lasts a long time.

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